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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Music (MUS)
Elements of Music Theory
Elements of Music Theory
Fall 2017
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Elements necessary for the study of music, including practical musicianship and musical notations; develops skills in music reading, writing, and aural acuity.
Ability to recognize and manipulate basic concepts in musical pitch, rhythm, and texture

An understanding of how these elements function within diverse repertoires of music

Creative experience in applying these elements to the construction of meaningful musical statements
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This course was previously listed as a 2-credit course, for historical reasons: it was intended to be taken with a 1-credit course in class piano as a pre-requisite for the Music major. However, this latter course does not exist any more, and the new major curriculum has no pre-reqs. Since MUS 1101 requires the same amount of time from students as other 3-credit courses at GW, and since there is a university-wide initiative to regularize the relationship between credit level and student effort, it follows that this course should be a regular 3-credit course in the catalog.
Key: 6210