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PPPA 6015 : Benefit-Cost Analysis
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Public Policy and Public Administration (PPPA)
Microeconomics for Public Policy II
Microecon for Pub Pol II
Fall 2017
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PPPA 6007


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The application of intermediate microeconomic theory to the study of public policy; models of individual choice in policy analysis, policy aspects of models of the firm, theory of market failure and welfare economics, and resource allocation decisions in the public sector. Credit cannot be earned for both PPPA 6014 and SMPP 6206.
(1) Reinforce and extend previous knowledge of the basic tools and concepts of
intermediate microeconomic analysis and welfare economics;
(2) Learn how to use the formal economic journal literature to research and understand
the economic issues of selected public policies;
(3) Learn how to write an economic analysis of a particular public policy.
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