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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Clinical Leadership (CL)
Research Ethics & Integrity
Research Ethics & Integrity
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This course will address traditional and modern topics in research ethics and scientific integrity. The purpose of this course is to emphasize ethical theory and principles of bioethics while planning and conduction scientific studies. Through lectures, reading assignments, case studies and discussion sessions, the following topics will be covered: ethical theory and principles, scientific and academic integrity, informed consent in research; Intuitional Review Boards and the use of human subjects in research. IACUC and the use of animals in research, Institutional Biosafety Committees and the use of recombinant DNA in research; conflicts of interest and commitment; authorship and publication; the peer-review process; collaboration and mentoring; methodology, data reporting and data management; ownership of data and intellectual property; whistleblowing and dispute resolution; and privacy and confidentiality. Students will learn to conduct unbiased peer-review, conduct research and report on an independent examination of a case of research misconduct or other ethical issue, and participate in oral scientific and ethical discussions.

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