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School of Business
Business Administration (BADM)
Transfer Student Development
Transfer Student Development
Fall 2016
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Required for all transfer students entering the School of Business. Provides information on University and School resources to assist with the student's transition. Helps students develop career-based knowledge; begin preparation for business careers; and learn the importance of civility and integrity in business discourse. Students perform service within the District of Columbia in order to apply business concepts and entrepreneurship skills.
Student Learning Outcomes for BADM 1003 Upon completion of this course, students are expected to: • Acclimate to GWSB through understanding curricular and co-curricular involvement opportunities; • Think critically through real world dilemmas with a business perspective; • Gain understanding of service-learning through service project; • Connect their talent themes from StrengthsQuest to various aspects of self; • Understand the importance of various sociological aspects in business.
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