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MLS 4164 : Clinical Microbiology Practicum
School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Integrated Health Sciences (IHS)
Molecular Diagnostics
Molecular Diagnostics
Spring 2017
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Introduction to the molecular techniques used to diagnose human disease; technology, theory, and methodology of specific molecular protocols that can be used within a clinical laboratory setting to aid in disease diagnostics including those of genetic, oncogenic, and infections origin. Proctor fee.
1. Describe nucleic acid structure and function.
2. Discuss the principals and theory behind nucleic acid testing.
3. Analyze the advantages and limitations of nucleic acid testing in the clinical diagnostic
2MLS 4151_Firmani_Molecular Diagnostics_ SPRING2017
4. Explain each of the following techniques including its clinical application:
a. Manipulation of Nucleic Acid
b. Electrophoresis
c. Recombinant DNA
d. Hybridization and blotting
e. Visualization
f. Sequencing
g. Amplification techniques
h. Forensic testing
i. Microarrays and biochips
5. Explain the application of molecular diagnostic techniques in the following fields:
a. Infectious Diseases
b. Oncology
c. Heredity
d. Forensics
e. Cytotechnology
6. Interpret the results of nucleic acid-based tests to determine the presence or absence of
7. Interpret and draw pedigrees and punnet squares to identify types of inherited diseases
and genetic ratios
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