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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Art Therapy (ARTH)
Practicum in Art Therapy
Practicum in Art Therapy
Spring 2017
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graduate students in the art therapy program


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Supervised clinical experience with clients or patients in psychiatric, rehabilitation, and education settings with children, adolescents, and adults. On-site individual supervision by clinical instructors; on-campus group supervision by faculty. A total of six semesters of practicum are required while completing 900 internship hours, 400 of which must be direct client contact.
As a result of completing this course, students will be proficient in the following learning outcome(s) as indicated by the Accreditation Council for Art Therapy Education:
- Distinguish among the therapeutic benefits of a variety of art processes and media, strategies and interventions, and their applicability to the treatment process for individuals, groups, and families.
- Develop culturally appropriate, collaborative, and productive therapeutic relationships with clients.
- Recognize and respond appropriately to ethical and legal dilemmas using ethical decision-making models, supervision, and professional and legal consultation when necessary.
- Recognize clients’ use of imagery, creativity, symbolism, and metaphor as a valuable means for communicating challenges and strengths and support clients’ use of art-making for promoting growth and well-being.
- Continuously deepen self-understanding through personal growth experiences, reflective practice, and personal art-making to strengthen a personal connection to the creative process, assist in self-awareness, promote well-being, and guide professional practice.
- Pursue professional development through supervision, accessing current Art Therapy literature,research, best practices, and continuing educational activities to inform clinical practice.
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