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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Philosophy (PHIL)
Contemporary Issues in Ethics
Contemporary Issues in Ethics
Fall 2015
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Introduction to a range of debates in applied ethics, including both classic debates concerning topics such as the permissibility of abortion, animal treatment, and suicide as well as more current debates concerning our interactions with the environment and our obligations to the poor in a global context.
By the end of this course, students will: 1. Be able to analyze, evaluate and construct philosophical arguments. 2. Have good working familiarity with the background ethical theories needed to engage in applied ethical debates, such as deontology and utilitarianism. 3. Recall and summarize landmark positions in applied ethics debates. 4. Understand where they can find opportunities to engage in ethical reasoning in a contemporary context. 5. Feel confident orally articulating and defending philosophical arguments.

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Gen Ed: Humanities
CCAS - GPAC: Local/Civil Engage
Sustainability Track B
Lifting the GPAC oral communication attribute, per Gail Weiss for (at least) AY15-16 catalog term.
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