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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Art Therapy (ARTH)
Marital and Family Art Therapy/Counseling
Marital/Family ArtTher/Counsel
Fall 2016
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Principles of working with families and couples, including an overview of systems theories and stages of family life cycle development; art techniques for evaluating of family dynamics; intervention strategies and cultural and ethical considerations.
As a result of this course: 1. Students will have a broad knowledge of fundamental approaches, theories, techniques, and evaluation methods of art therapy and counseling as they apply to the treatment of families. Specifically, they will have knowledge of: • the origins and history of family therapy • key concepts of systems-oriented therapy • major theoretical approaches to promoting change in family systems; similarities and differences among these approaches • H. Kwiatkowska’s Family Art Evaluation and the use of it to describe a family’s problem and to form the basis of an effective treatment plan • three or more techniques in art therapy and their appropriate use with diverse populations • the application of two evidence based approaches to family therapy 2. Students will be able to engage in basic clinical work with families from diverse populations. They will be able to approach family work with insight and self-awareness, as well as a high level of professional, ethical, and multicultural competence. Specifically, they will: • be familiar with the pertinent sections of the ethical codes of the American Art Therapy Association, the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, and the American Counseling Association • have a basic understanding of how cultural and contextual factors affect family therapy
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