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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Art Therapy (ARTH)
Process of Counseling and Art Therapy: Theory
Counseling/Art Therapy Theory
Fall 2017
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ARTH 6210

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Major theories in counseling and art psychotherapy through the lens of the creative process and other aspects of clinical practice; the influence of multicultural issues, contemporary and evidence-based practices, and various settings on art-making and the therapeutic encounter.
As a result of this course, students will: 1. Know and demonstrate how art therapy can be integrated into general counseling theories and practice. (a, b, c) 2. Define their own personal philosophical and therapeutic style while deepening their understanding of developmental, psychological, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and cultural aspects of the artwork produced during the therapeutic session. (a, b, c) 3. Analyze their own personal processes of observation, reflection and introspection using art therapy and creative process methods. (a-c) 4. Describe and demonstrate a variety of techniques and methods, verbal and art-based that can be used in different therapeutic settings. (a, b, c) 5. Continue their development of awareness of cross-cultural issues and personal biases that may impact treatment. (a-c)

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