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Viewing: MAE 6275 : Dynamics and Control of Aircraft

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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
Dynamics and Control of Aircraft
Dynamics/Cntrl of Aircraft
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Derivation of equations of motion, Euler transformations and direction cosines, stability derivatives and linearization of equations of motion, stability of linear systems with application to longitudinal and lateral dynamics, Laplace transform techniques, and frequency-response analysis. Departmental approval required prior to registration.
practice mechanical engineering in industry or government, applying knowledge and skills acquired in the program to the design of engineering systems and devices and the analysis and solution of engineering problems of complex scope; and/or be successful in advanced education, research and development, or other creative efforts in engineering, science, and technology; and/or apply engineering skills while pursuing careers in other professions, such as law, medicine, business, or public policy (this objective is included to reflect the program’s patent law and medical preparation options and will apply to a selected group of graduates of the program); conduct themselves in a responsible and ethical manner, cognizant of the social, environmental, and economic impact of engineering and technology on society; embark upon a process of lifelong learning in their profession; and enter into leadership roles in technological development or local, national, or global economic development.
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