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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
Fluid Mechanics I
Fluid Mechanics I
Fall 2016
Course Type
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Letter Grade

APSC 2058


Frequency of Offering
Every Year
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Fluid properties, fluid statics, integral and differential formulations of conservation of mass, momentum, and energy. Bernoulli’s equation. Dimensional analysis and similitude. Inviscid flow. Viscous flow. Experimental and computational methods in fluid mechanics.
1. Demonstrate an understanding of fluid properties including the measure of the property and its
dependence on pressure and temperature.
2. Demonstrate the ability to solve hydrostatic problems involving manometers, hydrostatic forces on
planar and curved surfaces, and hydraulics.
3. Demonstrate the ability to solve fluid dynamics problems involving conservation of mass, momentum,
and energy for viscous and inviscid flow.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of similitude and dimensional analysis. Correctly apply these concepts to
fluids problems.
5. Demonstrate an ability to apply mathematics and physics to problems involving fluid mechanics.
6. Enhance their ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems through participation in
problem-based team recitation projects.
7. Enhance their skills related to team work through an ethics project with approximately 4 other students.
8. Enhance their ability to communicate effectively through an ethics presentation and report.
9. Apply their understanding of ethics to an engineering based ethics scenario.

Course Attribute
CCAS - Professional

Key: 5497