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ARAB 2001 : Intermediate Arabic I

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ARAB 2001 : Intermediate Arabic I

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ARAB 3503 : Fundamentals of Arabic Linguistics
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Arabic (ARAB)
Beginning Arabic II
Beginning Arabic II
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ARAB 1001


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Continuation of ARAB 1001. Fundamentals of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in culturally appropriate and proficiency-oriented contexts.
1. Speak about themselves and their daily lives, initiate and sustain conversations on a number of topics (e.g., family, friends, study, weather, etc.,) using present and past time frames. 2. Initiate and maintain dialogue in both ‘Aammiyya (Spoken Arabic) and FuSHaa (Standard Arabic) when appropriate 3. Read texts of varying length on familiar topics and understand the main ideas without using the dictionary 4. Comprehend monologues and dialogues in Arabic dealing with familiar topics in FuSHaa and ‘Aammiyya 5. Report information about daily life in writing, including filling out forms 6. Be familiar with various aspects of Arab culture relating to social and religious customs and traditions, family life, and education 7. Learn to use Arabic dictionaries organized by root
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CCAS - GCR: Foreign Cultures
CCAS - GCR: Foreign Languages

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