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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (EXNS)
Fall 2017
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Basic Activity
Studio Course
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Introduction to hiking as an element of outdoor education, environmental education, and basic wilderness travel, incorporating elements of outdoor leadership. For those with less experience with general outdoor recreation as well as more experienced hikers. Visits to DC metropolitan area parks and surrounding regions.
- For participants to develop an appreciation of wild places and increase understanding as to the proper uses of outdoor environments for physical activity, experiential learning, and environmental conservation. - For participants to gain the skills and understanding necessary to enjoy hiking in a variety of geographic regions, seasonal climates, and social settings. - For participants to distinguish Hiking from other forms of physical exercise, understanding the advantages of choosing such an activity as a lifetime pursuit. - For participants to become confident in their abilities to lead themselves, and others, into wilderness and other outdoor settings safely, with respect to the environment and other hikers. - For participants to gain knowledge of the nutritional needs pertinent to Hiking, as well as the impact on individual health arising from Hiking.
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