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Law School
Law (LAW)
Criminal Appeals and Post-Conviction Services Clinic
CrimAppeals&Post-Convict Clin
Fall 2017
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Law 6230 and LAW 6360


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Under supervision of the instructor, third-year students litigate appellate cases, primarily direct appeals from criminal convictions in area courts of appeal. Student responsibilities include development of the lawyer/client relationship, record review and selection of issues, briefing, and oral argument. A weekly seminar addresses the lawyer’s role, ethical and procedural problems, litigation strategy, and criminal justice issues through role-playing, simulation, and written exercises. Enrollment is by permission of the instructor. Students may enroll concurrently in this course and Law 6668 only with permission of both instructors. (Skills) Law 6650 is recommended in addition to the prerequisites.
students develop a wide array of skills including interviewing and
counseling clients, identifying relevant facts and issues in lengthy records, selecting and
framing legal issues, integrating facts and law, advocating in difficult cases, writing and
speaking persuasively, managing cases, and collaborating with others. The classroom
component focuses on skills development, appellate case theory and practice, criminal
procedure and ethics, roles of criminal justice actors, professional identity, and structural
issues related to the criminal justice system.
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