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Law School
Law (LAW)
Advanced Field Placement
Advanced Field Placement
Summer 2015
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Field Work (Internship)
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The Advanced Field Placement Program provides students who have previously participate in the Field Placement Program with the opportunity to maximize their externship experiences through contemporaneous guided reflection and faculty supervision.Students who have already taken a corequisite course in conjunction with a previous placement (for which they earned Field Placement credit) may be eligible to waive the corequisite course requirement and participate in Advanced Field Placement. Students will receive no additional credit(s) beyond those awarded for their externship (see Law 6668). All waiver requests must be approved by the assistant dean for field placement. Students participating in Advanced Field Placement are required to complete reflective learning exercises under the supervision of a designated faculty member. Advanced Field Placement is not available to students seeking credit for international externships, regardless of any previous corequisite course(s) taken. Concurrent registration: Law 6668. Pre-Requisite: Law 6469, 6669, 6670, 6671, 6672, 6674, or another Law School course along with Law 6673, as determined by the assistant dean. (Reflective Assignments)
Experiential Learning.
Students who have previously completed a semester of Field Placement and one of the co-requisite courses (Law 6469, 6669, 6670, 6671, 6672, 6674, or other co-requisites as approved by the assistant dean) will be eligible to sign up for an additional semester of Field Placement and take the less-burdensome Advanced Field Placement as their co-requisite course. The new bulletin descriptions for Law 6668 (Field Placement) and Law XXXX (Advanced Field Placement) are attached. Note that students who take Advanced Field Placement will receive 0 credits for that course, although they will receive appropriate credit for their externship placement under Law 6668 (up to 4 credits per semester, with a total of 8 before graduation).We have also attached a syllabus for Advanced Field Placement. That course was offered under the prior structure. Aside from the award of 0 credits for the course, the new structure will require only one change to the policies and procedures of the class. Under the new structure, C. Failure to complete assignments will result in loss of credit. All assignments are mandatory. Failure to successfully complete any of the assignments will automatically result in the loss of one (1) Field Placement credit in 6668 Field Placement (1, 2, 3, or 4).
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