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Law School
Law (LAW)
Banking Law
Banking Law
Fall 2016
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Federal regulation of the financial services industry, especially commercial banks. Includes an analysis of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as insurer of deposits, receiver, and liquidator of troubled banks; the role of the Comptroller of the Currency as the primary federal regulator of national banks, including the chartering function, bank examinations, analysis of classified loans, capital adequacy, and enforcement of substantive federal legislation; operation of the Federal Reserve System under the Bank Holding Company Act and the various substantive regulations such as Reg. B (equal credit opportunity), Reg. J (check collection), Reg. M (consumer leasing), Reg. Q (deposit rate regulation), Reg. O (insider loan limits), Reg. E (electronic funds transfer), and Reg. Z (truth in lending); geographic deregulation and the trend toward interstate banking; and an analysis of financial services product deregulation and unification of the industry along functional lines. (Examination; research paper or take-home examination, at the instructor's discretion)
Students will gain extensive and useful knowledge in Banking Law.
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