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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Mathematics (MATH)
Introduction to Numerical Analysis
Intro to Numerical Analysis
Spring 2016
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MATH 2184 or MATH 2185, and MATH 2233, and one of CSCI 1011, CSCI 1041, CSCI 1111, CSCI 1121 or CSCI 1131


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Accuracy and precision. Linear systems and matrices. Direct and iterative methods for solution of linear equations. Sparse matrices. Solution of nonlinear equations. Interpolation and approximate representation of functions, splines.
1. To analyze the sources of computational errors and learn how to control them; 2. To identify different interpolation schemes and know how to implement them to estimate function values; 3. To implement different numerical techniques in order to apply them for solving non-linear equations; 4. To apply elimination and iterative methods to solve a set of linear equations; 5. To apply least-squares regression for a polynomial fit or function fit for a given data set; 6. To know how to use Newton-Cotes closed formulas to integrate a function or a set of discrete data; 7. To apply and implement methods to solve for a first/second-order ordinary di erential equation; 8. To formulate Galerkin finite element method for 1D PDE and implement the method.
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echacko (Thu, 12 Nov 2015 18:58:25 GMT): Rollback: Please share with the professor the email and attachment that lists all 9 required elements in the syllabus. Several are missing. Please revise and re-submit.
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