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Information SystemsTechnology Management (ISTM)
Human Factors in Information Systems
Human Factors in Info Systems
Fall 2017
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The user-computer interaction, human factors of online dialogues, interfacing, and various approaches to user-system interaction; development and evaluation of user-computer interfaces.
There are three goals that you will reach in this class. You will
1. Develop an understanding of the importance of usability
a. Learn the history and background of the field
b. Learn about users and their differences
c. Learn models of usability
2. Integrate a process to create a usable prototype
a. Apply Task-centered Design building your prototype
b. Apply models to build and assess your prototype
c. Communicate and collaborate with users
i. Obtain and incorporate feedback from users
3. Identify and critique usability
a. Apply models of usability
b. Evaluate usability
i. In current designs
ii. In future designs
c. Be aware of and appreciate differences in users
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