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School of Business
Information SystemsTechnology Management (ISTM)
Relational Databases
Relational Databases
Fall 2017
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students in the MS in information systems technology program or with permission of the department
ISTM 4121 or ISTM 6200

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Introduction to the theory of relational databases and commences an in-depth discussion of Relational database theory and design at the conceptual, logical, and physical levels. Structured query language (SQL) is covered in depth. Completion of an undergraduate database course with a grade of B or above may be accepted for the prerequisite.
Upon completion of this course, the student will demonstrate an understanding of basic database system concepts and principles by mastering the following:

• Describe the theoretical foundations of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS).
• Utilize the design of database systems to meet information objectives using the three level (conceptual, logical and physical) model of database design.
• Describe the management approaches that can be implemented in database planning, design, and administration.
• Discuss the emerging trends of database technologies.
• Demonstrate the ability to work with a group to design and implement a complete database application.
• Demonstrate the ability to implement a database with an enterprise database management system.
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