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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
Aerospace Structures
Aerospace Structures
Fall 2016
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juniors and seniors; permission of the instructor may be substituted
APSC 2057 and CE 2220


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Every Year
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Basic structural theory of lightweight aerospace structures; analysis of typical monocoque structures; load transfer in stiffened panel structures; virtual work and energy methods of structural analysis, bending of open and closed, thin walled beams, shear and torsion of beams, and structural idealization.
1 General understanding of the response of structures to applied loads 2 Load distributions on aircraft structures for various maneuvers 3 Various modes of failure of structural components 4 Methods of analysis and design of major aircraft structural components 5 Load transfer in stiffened panel structures 6 Topics in Virtual Work and Energy Methods of Structural Analysis 7 Bending of Open and Closed, Thin Walled Beams 8 Shear and torsion of Beams 9 Structural Idealization
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