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MAE 6249 : Spacecraft Design
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
Orbital Mechanics and Spacecraft Dynamics
Orbital Mech & Space Dynamics
Fall 2016
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APSC 2058


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Every Year
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Coordinate systems and transformations, rocket equation, two-body problem, orbit transfers, orbit perturbations, attitude dynamics and stability of symmetric spacecraft, environmental and control torques.   
1: Explain the Newtonian gravitational force and gravitational potential between particles 2: Analyze the characteristics of circular, elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic orbits in a two-dimensional plane 3: Describe the geometry of an orbit in a three-dimensional space from orbital elements 4: Find an orbital position as a function of time 5: Design the required velocity change for impulsive orbital maneuvers 6: Apply the method of patched conics for interplanetary spacecraft missions 7: Describe the feasible solutions of the circular restricted three-body problem 8: Use Matlab STK for numerical orbital analyses
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