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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Health Care Sciences (HCS)
Foundations in Integrative Medicine
Foundations in Integrative Med
Fall 2015
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The Foundations in Integrative Medicine course provides a framework for developing a patient centric approach to care. The course provides an overview of the historical, sociocultural, and legal accounting of the evolution of medicine in the United States. Competing models of therapeutic approaches, the ascendancy of biomedical reductionism, and a re-envisioned medical system based upon a personalized therapeutic paradigm are explored. The role and identity of the Integrative Medicine provider and review of professional competencies including fundamental attitudes, knowledge, and skills are analyzed. The course will focus on three clinical domains in detail: Therapeutic relationships and Motivational Interviewing; Exercise Prescription; and Traditional Medical Systems.
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Provide an overview of the Integrative Medicine (IM) approach to care.
2. Situate personal professional identity in the context of the IM practitioner
3. Compare and contrast the IM model to similar efforts within health care such as the Medical Home, Genomics, Lifestyle Medicine.
4. Demonstrate practical IM professional skills across the domains of communication, approach, tools, and outcomes.
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