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School of Business
International Business (IBUS)
International Business Finance
International Business Finance
Fall 2016
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Jiawen Yang
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Analysis of major issues and developments in the international financial environment and their impact on multinational corporations and financial institutions.
To understand the international financial environment through analysis of the balance of payments and exchange rate regimes;  To understand the fundamental theories of exchange rate determination;  To understand interest rate parity and how it works in the foreign exchange market;  To understand purchasing power parity and other international parity conditions and how they apply to multinational business strategies;  To understand fundamental hedging techniques to manage foreign exchange exposure in international transactions;  To understand the operating exposure of multinational firms and how to manage operating exposure;  To learn the basics of international money and capital markets and understand and manage interest rate exposure;  To understand the international portfolio theory and the benefits of international diversification;  To evaluate international investment and financing strategies.
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GWSB-International Bus. Elec.
MBA Professional - Global

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