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Elliott School of International Affairs
International Affairs (IAFF)
Master of International Policy and Practice Leadership Practicum
MIPP Leadership Practicum
Spring 2017
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Major issues in international affairs confronting policymakers in the United States and around the world; the evolving nature of international leadership; how diverse actors exercise power in the international realm.
This course is designed to provide students an opportunity to acquire knowledge of an important subject in international affairs and build their professional skills through analytical writing, case studies and exercises. After completing the course, successful students should be able to:
• Identify key emerging global security challenges in the twenty-first century;
• Recognize new opportunities for exercising leadership within a diverse range of organizations operating in the international arena;
• Understand the evolving roles of various government agencies, international and regional organizations, transnational corporations, and nongovernmental organizations in international affairs;
• Master skills for research, critical reading, analytical writing, and oral presentation;
• Produce a case study concerning an international leadership challenge that will inform the students’ own future intellectual and professional development.

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