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AH 3116 : The Aztec Empire
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Anthropology (ANTH)
The Aztec Empire
The Aztec Empire
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AH 3116 - The Aztec Empire
ANTH 1003


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AH 3116 - The Aztec Empire
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The Aztecs (or Mexica) of Mexico created a large empire, and while frequently the focus is on warfare and human sacrifice, they produced some of the most naturalistic art and reflective poetry that have survived the Spanish Conquest. Using archaeology, art, and ethnohistoric documents, this course focuses the importance of power in Aztec society and how the normalization of violence created a form of social cohesion central to the state.
Learning Outcomes: • introduce the student to the unique Aztec achievement and legacy; • understand the sophisticated and complex nature of Aztec ideology and philosophy; • be able to read and understand indigenous texts and art; • contrast attitudes about warfare, sacrifice and violence, and see how violence was used to integrate Aztec society; • study the Aztec approach to urbanism; • compare concepts of gender roles and relations; • show how different types of evidence, in this case ethnohistorical and archaeological, can both complement and challenge each other; • encourage critical thinking about major issues regarding the Aztec, from the scope and nature of sacrifice to the integration of diverse populations into a multi-ethnic empire
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