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School of Business
International Business (IBUS)
Introduction to International Business
Intro-International Business
Fall 2017
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ECON 1011 or HONR 2043; and ECON 1012 or HONR 2044


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IBUS 3001W - Introduction to International Business
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The international business environment, including social, cultural, political, technological, and institutional domains; multinational corporation strategic imperatives and organizational challenges, including financial, marketing, human resources, and other aspects of management.
Students should be able to: • Identify the implications of globalization for countries and firms • Explain how firms respond to changes in their competitive position due to governmental intervention in international trade • Describe how national culture affects firms’ strategy and performance • Explain how exchange-rate volatility affects firms, and identify strategies that firms can use to respond to that volatility • Explain how firms design strategies for entering new markets • Demonstrate improved skills related to negotiation and teamwork, critical thinking and analysis, and writing and communication.
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GWSB-International Bus. Elec.
CCAS - Professional
ESIA-Intl Econ Conc (2010)
ESIA-Intl Econ Conc (Pre 2010)

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