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Viewing: HONR 1034 : Honors Seminar: Scientific Reasoning and Discovery

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University Honors (HONR)
Honors Seminar: Scientific Reasoning and Discovery
Fall 2017
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Continuation of HONR 1033. Using an inquiry-based approach, students learn to identify hidden regularities and patterns in nature that may indicate fundamental unifying principles and laws. The scientific method; evaluation of scientific information; limitations of the scientific process; development of a scientific hypothesis. Tools and methodologies of geology, chemistry, physics, biology, anthropology, and other disciplines.
Students will be able to:
• Understand the hypothetico-deductive method
• Test hypotheses using data and scientific reasoning
• Understand how probability theory affects interpretation of experimental results
• Understand the difference between causation and correlation
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CCAS - GCR: Natural Sciences
CCAS-GPAC: Oral Communication
Gen Ed: Nat or Phys Sci
ESIA-Math / Science
Sustainability Track A
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echacko (Fri, 26 May 2017 15:42:54 GMT): Approved for GPAC - Natural Science AND Oral Communication
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