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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Sociology (SOC)
Capstone Seminar in Human Services and Social Justice
Capstone Seminar in HSSJ
Summer 2016
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Culminating experience synthesizing the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes needed to address complex real-world issues in socially just ways; integration and reflection on the key theories, research, practices, issues, and policies addressed throughout the program.
At the end of the semester the student will have accomplished the following objectives: 1. Investigated the delivery and impact of human services within a particular community or identified problem and completed an in-depth, hands on experience that works to address the problem through grant making, designed to help further understanding of strategic giving for social impact. 2. Developed an up-to-date understanding of the Human Services field within the context of the present social, political, and economic climate and explored the role of foundations and non profits in creating social change.. Presented topics and participated in discussion of current events impacting the human services field and the field of philanthropy. 4. Completed a skill/abilities assessment to clarify personal accomplishments and achieve employment direction in the field of human services and philanthropy, including identified areas of personal interest and abilities and to an elected concentration area. 5. Identified possibilities for ongoing development and programs of graduate study appropriate for graduates of human service programs. 6. Demonstrate effective writing skill in a variety of formats including; memos, personal reflections, editorials, SWOT analysis, resume, transcription, reports, book reviews, portfolio, research paper, PowerPoint/Prezi presentation, request for proposals, grants, evaluative criteria and symposium materials
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