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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Sociology (SOC)
Interpersonal Relationships in Human Services
Interpersonal Relationships
Fall 2015
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majors and minors in the field or with permission of the instructor



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Exploration of the theories, principles, and practices of ethically sound professional interpersonal relationships in the context of human services. Topics include forming, bounding, maintaining, and ending relationships; basic helping skills; working in, through, and with difference; working with groups or teams; and self care. May involve fieldwork.
As a result of preparing for and completing this course, students will: Improve their understanding of ethical care in professional interpersonal relationships; research models of the helping process within different human services contexts; identifying effective approaches to care with its requisite stages and outcomes; examine theories of individual change, including strengths-based models; think reflectively about the context of the professional caregiver role and how the caregiver’s role influences the helping process, which includes but is not limited to: age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability status, socio-economic status, faith, employment status, education, and geographic location; identify and demonstrate active listening and effective questioning skills; evaluate client needs and develop a care plan; learn how to manage the care process, including starting and terminating relationships; develop cultural competence by learning how to work in, through, and with difference; explore theories of conflict and conflict resolution; learn how to work in teams; understand the importance of self-care.
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