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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (EXNS)
Lifetime Fitness
Lifetime Fitness
Summer 2017
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Core elements of personal fitness as applied to daily life. Emphasis on the development of functional fitness skills that can be practiced both in and out of the classroom.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the physiological benefits of physical activity
• Identify the health-related and skill-related components of physical fitness
• Define principles involved in increasing and maintaining physical fitness
• Demonstrate an understanding of the evaluation of physical fitness
• Identify factors involved in the prevention of injuries
• Apply essential concepts in nutrition to a fit and healthy lifestyle
• Demonstrate an understanding of the role exercise plays in weight management and the prevention of chronic disease
• Define the dimensions of wellness as part of a healthy lifestyle
• Design a fitness program to improve one’s level of physical fitness based on current standards
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NOTE: Department name was changed to Exercise and Nutrition Science. All HLWL courses should be updated.

Note: References a Health and Wellness minor that does not exist. This is an elective for Undergraduate students, within and outside of the School of PH.
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