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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Clinical Leadership (CL)
Adult Primary Care Practicum
Adult Primary Care Practicum
Fall 2015
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Clinical course on caring for adults with common primary care problems and understanding concepts of health promotion and disease prevention. Students conduct in-depth examinations of specific primary care problems; review current pathophysiology literature; explore pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment modalities; and diagnose and manage acute and chronic problems prominent in ambulatory health clinics serving the general adult population. A minimum of 80 clinical hours is required.
Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to: 1. Assess and manage the undifferentiated as well as specific primary care problems of adults through the application of the clinical decision making process and the principles of pathology, pharmacologic, and health promotion/disease prevention (see section: Common Primary Care Problems: HSCI 2131 for example problems and diseases). 2. Demonstrate the ability to use and interpret pertinent laboratory tests in the management of common acute and chronic primary care problems. 3. Integrate psychosocial components of primary care into assessment and management of patient problems. 4. Function within the ethical and legal parameters relating to military occupation. 5. Provide patient education and counseling to prevent and treat common health problems and concerns including issues related to contraception, nutrition, breast and vascular disease, stress, cancer, lifestyle, exercise, alcohol, substance use, and smoking. 6. Use appropriate pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments based on the health problems, patient acceptance and effectiveness of treatment.
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All of the clinical practicum courses in the BSHS in CHS are 2 credits, requiring a minimum of 80 clinic hours in addition to case studies, academic papers, and discussion board activities. HSCI 2131: Adult Primary Care Practicum is currently 3 credits, based on the clinical hour requirement and contact hours; however, due to a curricular review some overlap existed with another course. HSCI 2131 complements HSCI 2130: Primary Care Practicum, but 200 combined clinical hours in primary care for these two courses is somewhat excessive considering the experience of the specialized student population. Based on the proposed changes to contact hours, and clinical hour requirements, HSCI 2131 aligns with the workload expectation of a 2 credit course; for this reason, we propose reducing HSCI 2131 from 3 credits to 2 credits.
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ESIA-Intl Econ Conc (2010)
Because of a reduction in required clinical hours, and coursework, the class is moving from a 3 credit course to a 2 credit course.
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