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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (EXNS)
Outdoor and Environmental Education
Outdoor & Environmental Educ
Spring 2016
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Course materials, supplies and transportation.

A conceptual and experiential introduction to outdoor education, environmental education, wilderness travel, and outdoor leadership. Materials fee.
) For students to develop an awareness and knowledge of the present uses of the outdoors and environmental issues.
2) For students to develop the skills necessary to live comfortably and move efficiently through the wilderness setting, with a particular emphasis on their responsibility to conservation obligations, risk, and safety considerations.
3) For students to develop the communication, group, and leadership skills necessary to undertake short wilderness journeys as either participants or leaders.
4) For students to come to some conclusions as to their abilities, inabilities, and interest in furthering their lives to include a respect for the value and usage of the outdoors.
5) For students to understand their motivations as a leader and how those motivations affect their success and failure as a leader in any context

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Restoring course fee requirement.
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