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Viewing: HIST 3311 : The Jacksonian Era and the Rise of Mass Politics

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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
History (HIST)
The Jacksonian Era and the Rise of Mass Politics
The Jacksonian Era
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HIST 3311W - The Jacksonian Era and the Rise of Mass Politics
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Focus on 1824–1950 as a crucial era in American history. Popular impact of social and political changes caused by the growth of the market economy; emergence of two national political parties; and new reforms focused increasingly on slavery as the country's greatest problem.
1. To master the history of the United States in the 1828-1850 period. This will mean learning names, dates and events. 2. To develop analytical skills through the practice of historical analysis and argumentation in written essays and class discussion. 3. To give students a grounding in history from multiple perspectives, including mainstream American society, but also minorities including Native Americans, immigrants, blacks and women 4. To evaluate the way historians interpret the past and analyze scholarly literature and argument. 6. To learn to think historically, to see that the origins of things influence what follows, and to understand what causes historical change and how complex and various these factors are.

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CCAS-Amer.Studies Focus Area 4
CCAS - GCR: Humanities
ESIA-Americas GCR (Pre2010)
SPHHS-Humanities Courses
SEAS - Humanities Electives

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