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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
American Studies (AMST)
Latinos in the United States
Latinos in the United States
Summer 2015
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ANTH 2750W - Latinos in the United States
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Exploration of the term Latino and its impact on discussions of race, identity, and citizenship expectations throughout U.S. history. How geographic, linguistic, aesthetic, political, and economic factors construct Latino identity and influence policymaking and international relations.
1) Students will be able to understand Latino cultural production from interdisciplinary and cross-cultural vantage points.
2) Students will not only understand how the terms Latino and Hispanic have changed over time but also how those shifts have affected policy decisions and public opinion.
3) Students will enhance their awareness and appreciation for ethnic difference by evaluating local and global economic, political, geographic, and social contexts alongside Latino cross-cultural perspectives.
4) Students will learn to critically engage and write about U.S. notions of race, identity formation, and citizenship expectations using scholarly materials.
5) Through the practice of conceptualizing and writing essays throughout the semester, participants will strengthen their ability to draft cogently argued papers analyzing key issues that traverse Latino studies and American studies.
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