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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
History (HIST)
Approaches to Women's History
Approaches to Women's History
Fall 2017
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Discussion Group
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WGSS 1020 - Approaches to Women's History



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WGSS 1020 - Approaches to Women's History
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Exploration of critical periods of intellectual and cultural change in Western societies as influenced by and affecting women. Examination of images of women and of changing ideal types of femininity and masculinity. Aspects of law, religion, art, culture, work, and politics in relation to these topics.
By the end of the semester, students should be able to summarize the legal status of
women in Western culture as it evolved from pre-Christian civilizations to modern
America; interpret the dominant cultural rationales for restrictions on women in
work, education and governance; and offer multiple examples of exceptional women
who transcended the limitations of their time and place. Students should leave with
a basic awareness of the arc of Western feminist history and its intellectual timeline.
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GWSB-Cult.&Political Diversity
GWSB-Humanities Elective
CCAS - GCR: Humanities
ESIA-Europe GCR (Pre2010)
SPHHS-Humanities Courses
SEAS - Humanities Electives
SEAS - Soc. Science Electives

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