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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Geology (GEOL)
Field Experience in Volcanology
Field Exp in Volcanology
Fall 2017
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Prior completion or concurrent enrollment in GEOL 2112 and GEOL 3118

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Weeklong field exercise at a major volcanic center in the western United States; field-based interpretation and analysis of volcanic and related rocks.Classroom discussion focuses on the processes responsible for volcanism. Deposit for expenses is required.
By successfully completing this course, you should be able to understand and discuss the basic principles of volcanology and be acquainted with numerous examples of specific locations and eruptions that illustrate most volcanic processes. Specifically, you should be able to:
(1) Understand the nature of magma-generating processes in earth’s mantle and lower crust
(2) Comprehend all major triggering mechanisms for volcanic eruptions
(3) Interpret volcanic structures created by both effusive and pyroclastic eruptions
(4) Discuss and understand the significance of most physical and chamical precursors to volcanic eruptions
(5) Describe the mechanics responsible for Plinian-style eruptions and characterize both the eruption plume and corresponding pyroclastic deposits
(6) Decipher the plate-tectonic setting of any volcanic eruption
(7) Understand the limitations and usefulness of all major volcanic monitoring techniques
(8) Develop first-hand, comprehensive knowledge of most types of volcanic hazards, and know both the risks likely outcomes resulting from anthropogenic involvement
(9) Understand the relationships between volcanic eruptions and Earth climate
(10) Know the significance of supereruptions and understand the possible economic and social consequences

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