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This course is only offered as a WID going forward (HSSJ 3100W).
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Sociology (SOC)
Program Planning and Evaluation
Program Planning & Evaluation
Fall 2016
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HMSR or HSSJ majors or minors or permission of the instructor
HSSJ 3100W - Program Planning and Evaluation
PSC 2101 OR PSYC 2101 OR SOC 2101

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HSSJ 3100W - Program Planning and Evaluation
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Program planning and development as essential aspects of human service agencies. Agency needs assessment and program planning are examined using case study analysis and on-site field experience. Community-based research.
As a result of completing this course, students will be able to: • Develop an understanding of and identify the constraints and possibilities presented by program evaluations in non-profit organizations • Collaborate with peers to structure research design, problem solving, and communication needs • Select a set(s) of literature that enhances the research goals set for the group project • Select evaluation design methods, set research goals and objectives, write research tools, and analyze results for an effective review of a site program. • Understand the development of evaluation mechanisms to assess the effectiveness of social programs for organizations in the Washington, DC area. • Edit, refine, and produce writing for a service organization, through a series of iterative writing assignments for peer and external review.
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