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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
English (ENGL)
Literature of the Americas
Literature of the Americas
Fall 2016
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Antonio Lopez
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ENGL 1320W - Literature of the Americas
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American literature considered in a global framework as writing that probes and spans the boundaries of the nation, connecting the United States to the rest of the Americas and to other parts of the globe.
By the end of the semester, students will • analyze the critical use of the term “American” in current literary studies to include its hemispheric and global meanings; • account for a range of significant literary works and recognize their place in a new American literary history understood on a global scale; • develop writing abilities in literary analysis.
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Gen Ed: Humanities
CCAS - GCR: Humanities
ESIA-Americas GCR (Pre2010)
ESIA-Humanities Courses
SEAS - Humanities Electives
This existing course has always approached literature of the Americas in a global framework, and the syllabus included here reflects that.
echacko (Thu, 24 Mar 2016 14:29:04 GMT): All new GPAC course proposals have to go through a vetting process by the GPAC committee. I am approving this course, but without the GPAC component.
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