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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Forensic Psychology (FORP)
Police Psychology
Police Psychology
Fall 2016
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students in the forensic psychology program or with departmental permission



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Psychological aspects of working within or for police agencies; personality assessment for suitability for police work, the stress involved in the work with attendant adverse psychological consequences, and continuing assessment of police officers after critical incidents; ethical and practical problems for the mental health professional when working within or for a police organization and services available for troubled officers.
1. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the culture of law enforcement. 2. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the varied roles of a police psychologist. 3. Demonstrate an appreciation of the laws impacting both psychologists and law enforcement agents in their daily work. 4. Demonstrate their new knowledge of how psychological testing is utilized within the law enforcement context and how counseling models are used within police culture. 5. Recognize the importance of applied psychology within law enforcement.

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