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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Forensic Psychology (FORP)
Interrogation and Interviewing
Interrogation and Interviewing
Fall 2017
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students in the MA in forensic psychology program
FORP 6101, FORP 6103 and FORP 6104

Blake McConnell
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Techniques of interrogation and interviewing in both criminal- and terrorism-related investigations. Cultural aspects of interviewing, the problem of false confessions, and the use of the polygraph. Legal and ethical issues surrounding interrogations, including the use of coercive techniques.
1. Recognize the main contributors to the development of interview and interrogation techniques for law enforcement in the U.S. 2. Understand the legal and ethical issues surrounding the use interview and interrogation techniques. 3. Recognize the concerns surrounding false confessions, how they can be identified, and how they can be prevented. 4. Understand how case facts are analyzed and information is gathered about interviewees for the purpose of developing interview and interrogation strategies 5. Identify behavior by interviewees that end to indicate truthfulness or deception 6. Understand the interrogation process and techniques frequently used by law enforcement agencies and other entities

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