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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Forensic Psychology (FORP)
Issues in Family Law
Issues in Family Law
Fall 2016
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students in the forensic psychology program or with departmental permission


Dr. Richard Cooter
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Psycho-legal issues concerning divorce, child custody, guardianship, and intrafamily violence and sex offending; dispute resolution methods as an alternative to litigation with a particular emphasis on divorce mediation; child custody evaluation and the evaluation of the elderly; ethical and legal difficulties.
1. Understand the interplay between the legal notions of family relationships and the mental health issues that arise in family settings. 2. Research, analyze and apply primary legal material in family law. 3. Distinguish between litigation and less adversarial methods of dispute resolution in divorce and child custody. 4. Understand the process of child custody evaluations from both legal and mental health perspectives. 5. Analyze ethical issues and apply different options associated with various situations encountered by forensic psychologists working within the family.
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