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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Forensic Psychology (FORP)
Evaluation and Treatment of Sex Offenders
Eval/Treatment Sex Offenders
Fall 2016
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students in the forensic psychology program or with departmental permission


Dr. Marcus Forbes
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Measures used in assessing sex offenders; predicting dangerousness and recidivism; theories concerning interpersonal and intrapsychic presentations in such areas as deviant arousal and cognitive distortions; treatment modalities; legal and ethical difficulties arising from mandatory treatment and long-term commitment.
1. Understand the nature of sex offending from both a psychological and legal standpoint. 2. Understand different approaches to treating sex offenders, from the traditionally psychological to more biologically based methods. 3. Utilize various psychological assessment and treatment methods in working with sex offenders. 4. Analyze current issues in the field from a psychological as well as a legal and public policy perspective. 5. Recognize many ethical difficulties in working with sex offenders and analyze and evaluate potential solutions to those problems.

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