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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Forensic Psychology (FORP)
Forensic Psychological Assessment
Forensic Psych Assessment
Fall 2016
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FORP 6105

Dr. Dana Grasso
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Forensic evaluations, including competency to stand trial, criminal insanity defenses, pre-sentencing, and risk of dangerousness evaluations; communicating assessment results to the courts or other referral sources; selecting and administering specialized forensic assessment instruments; legal and ethical responsibilities.
1. Identify and appreciate core aspects of forensic evaluations. Students will understand legal and clinical components related to many types of forensic mental health assessments, including those addressing competency, mental state, risk, and civil commitment. 2. Demonstrate familiarity with a variety of tests used in forensic assessments. 3. Be able to identify proper use of various forensic measures, strategize about test selection and interpretation, and comprehend evaluation reports. 4. Know the relevant ethical, legal, and cultural considerations in forensic assessment.

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