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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Engineering Management and Systems Engineering (EMSE)
Quantitative Methods in Investment Engineering
Quantitative Investment Eng
Spring 2017
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EMSE 6115 and EMSE 6410
Technical background at the level of a bachelor’s degree in engineering, mathematics, or science and working knowledge of Microsoft Excel
J. van Dorp
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Every Year
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Cash flow streams and the basic theory of interest; bond pricing and immunization of bond portfolios, the term structure of interest rates, mean-variance portfolio theory and the capital asset pricing model; value at risk.
Students who complete this course will be able to • Use the concept of a constant ideal bank which serves as a base case comparison for investment decisions. • Apply the basic theory of interest to applied interest analysis problems to include capital budgeting and dynamic cash flow processes. • Use the term structure of interest rates, an advance interest rate theory concept, to compare and contrast invest and re-investment decision over a fixed planning horizon to a single investment over that same planning horizon. • Apply the term structure of interest rate to the pricing of fixed income securities with different maturities. • Construct bond portfolios using the concept of immunization to protect bond portfolio value against interest rate changes. • Apply Markowitz Stock Portfolio theory, in particular the Two-Fund theorem, to construct efficient frontiers for a set of stock download from Yahoo Finance. • Evaluate that same set of stocks using the Capital Asset Pricing Model. • Use Micro Soft Excel to conduct all of the Investment Engineering Analysis problems above.
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