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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Engineering Management and Systems Engineering (EMSE)
Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
Fundamentals of Systems Eng
Fall 2017
Course Type
Default Grading Method
Letter Grade
undergraduate students majoring in systems engineering or with the permission of the instructor
EMSE 1001; and COMM 1040 or COMM 1041 or COMM 1042

Mazzuchi, T. and Szajnfarber, Z.
Frequency of Offering
Every Year
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The systems approach to designing, building, and operating complex engineering systems; requirements, functional decomposition, systems architecting, analysis of alternatives, project life cycle modeling, cost analysis, and technical performance measurement.
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to • understand and relate systems engineering methodologies, processes, terminology, and documentation as practiced by industry and U.S. government agencies such as NASA • be able to use integrated hardware/software technologies for subsystems in the larger context of systems engineering integration in class projects • work on multidisciplinary projects teams within the systems engineering project life cycle, within the context of semester projects • relate experience with systems-related management decision making in engineering organizations, within the context of in-class simulations of engineering organizations.
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