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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Advanced Analog VLSI Circuit Design
Analog VLSI Circuit Design
Fall 2017
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ECE 6240


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MOS technology: building blocks, devices, capacitors, limitations; perational amplifiers and other analog systems; layout examples and design principles; mixed-signal A/D and D/A. Students use the CAD VLSI laboratory to design and simulate circuits.
Learning outcomes that state descriptions of behaviors or skills that students will be able to demonstrate at the end of the class or unit:

This is a course in analog VLSI Design, students are required to design CMOS Analog Circuit Project, and submit FINAL design Layout together with simulation using CAD (CADENCE analog artist) simulation tools. Leaning outcomes:
• CAD tools, layout overview, and SPICE. DRC, review of CMOS fabrication layers, wells, well contacts, metal layers.
• CMOS passive and active elements, layout of resistors, capacitors, Inductors, transistors, and their modeling.
• Design of Current mirrors, current and voltage references. CMOS amplifiers.
• Design of CMOS amplifiers, inverters, and differential amplifiers.
• Analog-to-Digital (A/D) converters design, examples of CMOS A/D.
• How to assemble a chip MOSIS analog frame.
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