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School of Business
Decision Sciences (DNSC)
Statistics for Managers
Statistics for Managers
Fall 2017
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MBAD 6221 - Judgment, Uncertainty, and Decisions
MBAD 6222 - Data Analysis and Decisions
MBAD 6224 - Decision Making and Data Analysis
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Mathematical and statistical concepts employed in the solution of managerial problems. Applications of functions, elements of calculus, and linear algebra. Introduction to probability, frequency distributions, statistical inference, and regression and correlation.   
1) Develop knowledge and skills in collecting data, presenting data and analyzing data that is how to convert data into information.
2) Develop knowledge and skills about probability concepts and their applications in management and decision making.
3) Understand the concept of distributions and how different distributions are used in practice.
4) Develop knowledge and skill in hypothesis testing and its applications in inferential statistics and data analysis.
5) Develop skills in regression analysis and its application in estimation and forecasting.
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krogan (Wed, 19 Apr 2017 14:18:14 GMT): Rollback: Hi Cara, At least 3 learning goals are required. And there is a new required element for the syllabus on contact hours and amount of time spent on outside learning. I will send the new requirement in a separate email. Thanks. Kathleen
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