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CSCI 6532 : Information Policy
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Computer Science (CSCI)
Information Policy
Information Policy
Fall 2017
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Every Year
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Roles, issues, and impacts of computer-based information systems in national and international arenas, focusing on privacy, equity, freedom of speech, intellectual property, and access to personal and governmental information. Professional responsibilities, ethics, and common and best practices in information use. Students cannot receive credit for both CSCI 4532 taken while an undergraduate and CSCI 6532 taken while a graduate student. Students in the combined BS/MS program cannot receive credit for both CSCI 4532 and CSCI 6532.
1) Understand the underlying forces driving the development of information policy.
2) Understand the issues related to information policy and their relation to societal goals.
3) Able to analyze and articulate governmental regulation and commercial practices related to the use of information and to understand the outcomes of these laws and practices.
4) Comprehend and think critically about the differing views regarding the proper use of current information policies and practices
5) Be aware of how information policies and practices may evolve in the future in order to be equipped to be involved in that process.
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CCAS - Professional
Sustainability Track C

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