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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Computer Science (CSCI)
Capstone Design Project II
Capstone Design Project II
Fall 2017
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CSCI 4243W or CSCI 4243


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Every Year
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Continuation of CSCI 4243. ​Planning, design, and construction of the capstone project. Economic analysis of the project. Application of software engineering principles, including software requirements, specification, requirements engineering, reuse, documentation, verification/validation, testing, configuration management.
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

• Identify, Design and implement large, self-directed software projects.
• Consider the social, global and ethical issues related to large projects.
• Apply software engineering requirements to large projects.
• Prepare and Present budget plan, status reports and documentation for a large project.
• Demonstrate an understanding of how continuing education contributes to career development.
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CCAS - Professional

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