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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Computer Science (CSCI)
Introduction to C Programming
Introduction to C Programming
Fall 2017
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MATH 1220 - Calculus with Precalculus I
MATH 1231 - Single-Variable Calculus I


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Every Year
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ECE 1120 - C Programming for Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Structured programming with the C language; control structures; data types; use of pointers; matrix manipulation to solve simultaneous equations; external subroutines for mathematical and graphical applications; introduction to C++; complex number representation. Co-requisites: MATH 1220 and MATH 1231.
1. Design and implement simple programs using basic syntax of C programming language such as assignment, expressions, and iterations with sequential or selection flows
2. Design the inputs and outputs of simple C programs with different types of variables
3. Evaluate the output of more complex C programs containing arrays, functions, and pointers
4. Construct modular programming functions that pass data between them using arrays, input and output arguments
5. Understand and go through basic processes of writing C programs that include: design, coding, testing, and debugging
6. Function effectively on a team based programming project

7. Identify and communicate effectively the trade-offs involved in different design choices.
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Key: 2138